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Dodecahedron Notice #4

Dear Everybody,

Hello again! The weekend is almost over, which means I won't be able to spend such an insane amount of time on the computer. Not to worry, however, because I will still be able to keep up with the goings on of Dodecahedron. I'm really happy about the amount of interest my posts have been generating. Here, in brief, are updates:

1. Inquiring minds want to know: why on earth is the name of a geometric shape being used as the name of a literary newsletter?

Here's the deal: in 1996, when I was almost 10-years-old, I was in a play called "The Phantom Tollbooth," based on the novel of the same name by Norton Juster. I played two characters: the Spelling Bee and the Dodecahedron. That was how I learned what I dodecahedron is and why I use the name for the newsletter - I like the way it sounds, the way it's spelled, and just the overall uniqueness of it. :-) BTW, if you haven't read The Phantom Tollbooth you definitely should.

P.S. The play was a total disaster, but I was excellent as the Spelling Bee. *grin*

2. There are now two Dodecahedron LiveJournal communities!

The first is at dodec and was created with the help of the glorious blenrock, who also did the super cool avatar. This community is for those of us who are working on the newsletter itself and will be used as a discussion area etc. You have to be invited to join, and to be invited you have to have expressed serious interest in helping out with Dodecahedron. I really don't want it to get clogged up with inactive members. But if you want to help, just let me know.

The second is at this_lullaby and it will be an open community for anyone who wants to discuss literature for 8 to 18 year olds. The URL will be listed in actual issues of Dodecahedron and pretty much anyone will be able to post. However, at this point posts will be monitored becuase of the targeted age range. :-/ BTW, the screen name for this community comes from the excellent book by Sarah Dessen. :-)

3. What's the plan for the coming week?

Well, now that we've gotten people interested in working on the newsletter it's time to start taking more definite steps towards getting everything to come together. :-) I know, easier said than done. The main goal of this coming week (8/4 - 8/10) will be to figure out what everyone wants to do. At the same time I will be working on a better, clearer, easier to read website. ALSO, people working on Dodec. should fill out the Reader's Survey posted on dodec, since that will help us all get to know one another better in a literary sense. Filling out the survey isn't urgent, but I would like to get it done by the end of the week. Finally, once everyone is hooked into dodec we're going to have to set some deadlines. I myself HATE deadlines with a passion (it's part of the reason I'm homeschooled!) but it is true that in this case they will probably - gasp! - help. So we all have to decide on things like when we want the final product done by, when we'll need to have contributions written by, etc.

That's really it for now. Remember to ask any and all clarifying questions - I don't think I'm being clear enough and don't want to have anyone confused.

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