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Dodec reader survey

1. What are three of your favorite books and why do you like them so much?
A Ring of Endless Light by Madeline L'Engle (sp?) i guess i like is so much because the writing style is so simple, and yet the characters are real people with real problems. and when she writes her imagry is so beautiful...i love it.
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee i love this book because i think that it teaches people some very important life lessons. i also like it because each time i read it i get a different meaning out of it. and i love the characters, esp. atticus and cal, and the sleepy-town setting.
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. this is an absolutley hysterival book. i laughed so hard when i was reading this. and i also love it because it has some really great quotes.
2. What particular genres (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.) do you read the most?
i suppose i read a lot of realistic fiction...does that make sense? fiction that is set in the present with characters that could possibly be real people in real places and real situations. but lately i've been getting into a lot more fantasy. i just completed his Dark Materials and i loved it. and i basically like almost anything i read.
3. What is a book that you absolutely hated and why didn't you like it?
1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell i hate his style of writing. plus i hated the whole story lines that were presented in the books. and i know the books are supposed to be anti-communist, but i still hated the way Orwell conveyed the message and the way he cohse to write his books.
4. What are five to ten authors whose books you really like?
Megan McCafferty
Sarah Dessen
Jane Austen
Kurt Vonnegut
Phillip Pullman
5. What do you consider to fall into the catagory of "children's literature"? What about "YA literature"?
Children's lit is something i hate to discuss cause i never really read children's lit. i was alway a bit ahead in my reading so i just read whatever i could get my hands on. but if it has good illustrations in it...then it's worth reading....hehe ;)
YA i consider any book a young person can put their hands on, whether it's classified as YA or adult. if they read it and enjoy it...then i consider it YA.
6. What are the last three to five books that you read for pleasure and, briefly, what did you think of them?
The Amber Spyglass Phillip Pullman--what an absolutley wonderful finish to one of the best trilogies i've ever read. the ending was so sad and yet so hopefull. the whole trilog was fabulous
I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith--this book is so romantic and sweet and beautiful that it is really almost like a modern fairytale. cassandra is such a loveable heroine and her journals are very real. evryone should read this book.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K. Rowling--what can i say???? it was fabulous...but still not my fave.
7. Would you have any problem with writing up semi-detailed coverage on any books you read (synopsis, comments, recommensation, etc.)
no, i do it already on my LJ
8. Why do you want to help out with Dodecahedron, how much time can you put into it, and how long do you think that you'll be able to help out?
I'll be able put in a fair amount of time on the weekends...but i'll probably have a lot of work from maybe a few hours a week
9. What kind of "job" would you like to have with Dodecahedron - reading, reviewing, articles, interviews, etc. (put down whatever comes to mind - everyone has brilliant ideas, no matter how cheesy they may sound).
i like reviewing books that i've recently read
10. Please tell me anything else you'd like me to know - it doesn't have to be books related and could be written in list style for all I care. +smile+
-i live in LA, but i'm going to high school in Pennsylvania
-the George School Cougars rock!
-i love books
-i love baseball (go NY Yankees!)
11. What is your name (first with last initial), birthday (month/day/year), and location (city, state/province, country)?
Lacey M., Feb. 23, 1987, Los Angeles, CA. (currently), but Newtown, PA when school starts
love, Lacey
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