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1. What are three of your favorite books and why do you like them so much?
~The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas -- I loved the complexity of the characters' background, and the multiple conflicts.
~The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien -- being a major Tolkien fan, and this being my favorite of all the Tolkien books I've read, how could I not place it on my favorite books list? ;) But seriously, it's incredibly interesting, and is so jam-packed with information. There's romance, history (of a fictious world, that is), action, adventure all put together.
~In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez -- It's one of the few books ever to make me cry. The characters are well portrayed, and it just emotionally draws in the reader.

2. What particular genres (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.) do you read the most?
Usually fanatasy, though I've read many great historical fiction novels

3. What is a book that you absolutely hated and why didn't you like it?
The Yearling by Majorie Kinnan Rawlings -- It's four hundred pages (at least the publication I was reading) and in my opinion, a fluffed up novel about a boy and his pet deer. One of the few books I ever fell asleep on while reading. And it's quite tedious how the author doesn't use any synonym for "said."

4. What are five to ten authors whose books you really like?
~J.R.R. Tolkien
~Madeleine L'Engle
~Robin McKinley
~Lois Lowry
~Nancy Farmer

5. What do you consider to fall into the catagory of "children's literature"? What about "YA literature"?
Well, usually I figure out the age group based on the protagonists' age. If the protagonist is an elementary school kid, then I'd say it's children's literature. Picture books would also be children's literature. Coming-of-age books would be YA literature.

6. What are the last three to five books that you read for pleasure and, briefly, what did you think of them?
~The Bardic Voices Series by Mercedes Lackey -- consisting of The Lark and the Wren, The Robin and the Kestrel, The Eagle and the Nightinglaes, and Four and Twenty Blackbirds, this series was really fun to read. Each book has a different adventure concerning different characters, so the reader never gets sick of one character
~Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy -- Some great bits on society, and human nature, and Tolstoy himself, but other bits were quite boring.

7. Would you have any problem with writing up semi-detailed coverage on any books you read (synopsis, comments, recommensation, etc.)
No problem at all, though I can't guarantee if they'll be of good quality writing.

8. Why do you want to help out with Dodecahedron, how much time can you put into it, and how long do you think that you'll be able to help out?
Well, I've been wanting to work on newspapers or magazines for a while, and this sounds like a great chance. I can work on this about a couple hours a week when school starts, and maybe a bit more, depending on how easy my teachers will be. I'll stick with this for as long as you need me to.

9. What kind of "job" would you like to have with Dodecahedron - reading, reviewing, articles, interviews, etc. (put down whatever comes to mind - everyone has brilliant ideas, no matter how cheesy they may sound).
I'll work on the polls, and some trivia. I can proofread as well, if needed. As for writing, I'm willing to write some non-fiction books or anthology commentary, and some reviews for books for younger kids, since I have an 8 year old brother, and a handful of cousins in the 7-11 age range.

10. Please tell me anything else you'd like me to know - it doesn't have to be books related and could be written in list style for all I care. +smile+
I'm obsessed with Tolkien, and I won't trade in my books, or DVDs, or CDs for anything. And...that's about it, basically...

11. What is your name (first with last initial), birthday (month/day/year), and location (city, state/province, country)?
Eva C.; Sept 24, 1989; Boston, MA, US

12. What is your e-mail address?
At the moment, it's, but that may be changing since it's been bogged down. If it's not working, try

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