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Dodecahedron Update

Dear Everybody,

Today I am going to try to get a better idea of who is doing what. To this end, THIS is the post to respond to about what job you would like. Please give me some variety and be aware that compromises are going to have to be made.

Now, as to available jobs:

Specific Pages:

There are going to be some subject-specific pages: a creative writing page, a non-fiction page, a spotlight page, and a reader's page. And by page I mean either a single 8.5 x 11 page or a double spread, whatever works out better.

Creative Writing Page: short stories (printed in installments, most probably), poetry, etc.

Non-Fiction Page: though the rest of the newsletter will be devoted to fiction, mainly because most of what is read between the ages of 8 and 18 is fiction, I think that it would be bad to *completely* overlook this genre. To this end we have the Non-Fiction Page. Reviews of books (maybe one for younger readers and one for older readers) as well as anything else deemed worthy.

Spotlight Page: Where we can highlight a specific author, a specific book, a specific subject, etc. Probably best as a double spread. Reviews, special top five list, etc. all possible.

Reader's Page: Probably not worth having in the very first issue. This is where reader's letters/comments/recommendations/etc. will (hopefully) go. Contact information for the newsletter goes here as well. :-)

All of these pages need people to be in charge of them. If you are in charge of a specific page then you are in charge figuring out content, writers, etc. Everything still needs to be run by me but you're a middle person so that I don't get overwhelmed by talking to everyone about everything.

The Bookshelf:

This is another full-page feature but one that I absolutely want to have. Basically it would be the last or second to last page of the newsletter, filled with about 10-15 blurbs on books of all types (possibly ranked by age range). Blurbs will be made up of short descriptions of the story, a sentence or two of evaluation and, in parentheses, the number of pages and age range. The Bookshelf will be a place to mention books that were good but maybe weren't interesting enough to write full reviews about, or that we just didn't have space for or whatever.

For this page we need someone to coordinate the effort, someone to keep track of what's being written about by whom. Pretty simple really.


I'm sure I've told basically everyone by now that I would like for each person to write at least a little something, but that does not mean that the only things involved with putting Dodecahedron together are writing things.

Reader: You read. And then you read some more. And then, for a change, you read even more. You read what you want to read and post short comments afterwards on the community LJ (in a little while I'll make a list of questions to answer after reading a book). The comments, however, don't have to be formal which is why I'm saying that this is a non-writing thing, I hope that makes sense.

Proofreaders: Anyone can help proofread but I would like to have one or two people who really know their stuff when it comes to grammar. These persons will check the nearly-finished newsletter after everyone else has already had a go.

Little Features:

The Top Five: Looks like there are a lot of people really interested in doing this, but probably two at the most. Lists of five really good books on a particular subject or of a particular genre. With an introduction before the list and sentence summaries of the books mentioned.

As You Like It: Completion of the sentence "If you liked ___ by X then you will also enjoy ___ by Z." Both books mentioned should have one to two sentence summaries.

Poll: A book/author related question to be responded to by newsletter readers via e-mail. Some of the more creative responses may or may not be published in the following issue. Questions should be mulit-dimensional as opposed to simple "yes or no" types.

Trivia: A little box with some literary trivia, probably in the form of "Did you know...?"

Upcoming: A littl box with a list of soon-to-be published books that will be worth attention from readers. I might just take charge of this one myself, since I've been doing this in my mind for ages, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

That's it for now - I'll write more about general jobs tomorrow, but in the meantime I would appreciate it if you all could do two things:

1. Make a "comment" reply to this post if you are interested in any of the above jobs. Tell me why you want it, what you would plan to do with it, etc.

2. Make a separate post outlining any additional pages, jobs, etc. that you can think of.

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As stated before, I'd prefer proofreading and Top Five.
Also, if you want to e-mail me a paragraph or something as a test, that's fine.
I've already mentioned it before but I really would like to proofread--it's where I'm most comfortable. However, I would be interested in contributing to the creative writing section as I love writing short stories in my spare time. And of course, I'll be a reader! After all, isn't that what everyone in this community does, read?
you know me and the layout/reading/whateveryouneed business. if you want to see some photoshopped things i've done lemme know..
I'd definitely LOVE to do the non-fiction section.

My proofreading skills are also great.

Lots of other things you listed appeal to me. I'd be happy to fill in whatever's left. Coordinating the bookshelf sections sounds like it would be awesome. I certainly don't read enough age-appropriate stuff to fill it myself, but putting the section together sounds like something I'm up for doing.

The poll section sounds cool too. Especially in future issues, I'd like to compile the results and pick out interesting responses to include. Again, I'm not sure how wonderful a job I'd do at coming up with the actual questions, but I could handle it from there.

So basically, I'll do anything you need me to do (with the exception of the creative writing section) and if someone else is dying to have exclusive claims to one of the sections I mentioned, by all means, let them.
I'd love to work on polls and some trivia. I've got a couple questions and facts in mind.

Once the newsletter gets into full swing, I'll be glad to coordinate the Reader's Page.

I could also do a little writing for non-fiction.
Am I still allowed to do the article I'd like to do? (You didn't mention any article kind of section, which is why I'm wondering) I will probably be able to contribute to the creative writing page as well- definitely with poetry, and maybe with a continuing short story.
Duh, sorry - I don't know how but I obviously completely forgot to add the article section to this list even though it's something that I definitely want to have. :-p